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September 10, 2012
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HEARTBURN? There are many causes, so you need an honest evaluation by a professional, but here are a few suggestions. Stop acid fruits & juices (orange), tomatoes, caffeine, fried & processed fatty foods, sugary, spicy & starchy foods. You may need to take minerals, calcium, enzymes or other supplements to help. Don't ignore it...the longer you have it, the harder it is to fix. 

September 06, 2012
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The hydrochloric acid in your stomach is strong enough to dissolve metal! However, it's actually the enzymes in the stomach that do the majority of digesting of food! The acids activate the enzymes at the right ph level and cause them to work. Digestive trouble? Consider taking enzymes. 

September 05, 2012
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FOOT, TOE, ANKLE OR HEEL PAIN? While the pelvis & tailbone (sacrum) are the base of the spine, the feet are the real foundation of your whole frame. Don't ignore problems could lead to permanent damage, spurs & arthritis. Sometimes foot problems are just a reflection of spinal misalignment. With chiropractic adjustments, many problems can stop in a few short visits! One recent case resolved 2 years of big toe pain in ONE ADJUSTMENT!!! 

September 04, 2012
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Who doesn't love PEANUT BUTTER? Most of us do, but peanuts can be very allergenic to some kids & adults. They are actually legumes like beans & peas. They are also linked with aflatoxin which is a mold that can be very toxic. Try fresh roasted almond butter. It's a tree nut that is digested more easily, similar protein amounts, has high levels of vit. E, higher levels of monounsaturated fat & isn't associated with aflatoxin. Try making your own nut butters at home in a food processor. Its fast, easy, tastes fresher & cheaper, too! You can also try adding walnuts which have the most Omega-3 fat of any nut. 

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