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Posts for: October, 2013

Patient Files: I had a 60 year old male patient in my office yesterday who had over a year of shoulder & upper back pain, shots of cortisone & drug therapy. He was scheduled to have surgery next month. Yesterday was his third adjustment. Last Friday was his last day of pain! Surgery cancelled! #chiropracticworks

If you think you can, you probably will. If you you think you can't, you probably won't.

True health is not the mere absence of symptoms, but the vibrant, full expression of life the way God intended it. - Dr. Mark Shannan

Don't ZAP your veggies! Lightly sauté or steam. A study published in the November 2003 issue of The Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture found that broccoli “zapped” in the microwave with a little water lost up to 97 percent of its beneficial antioxidants. By comparison, steamed broccoli lost only 11 percent of its antioxidants.

Patient files: Active 3 year old boy with recurrent ear infections & neck soreness. He had been through countless rounds of antibiotics & painkillers for his issues. Ear surgery & steroids suggested by pediatrician. He was rarely smiling, constantly sniffling & now his hearing was being greatly affected. We began 4 weeks of adjusting, 2 supplements & cutting processed carbs & pasteurized his words, "Aw bedah!" :)

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