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May 02, 2012
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So which Omega 3's are the best? Like you might imagine, the ones that come from naturally occuring food sources are the best. You'll get a wide array of them when you eat wild caught fish, organic, pastured (grass-fed) beef, buffalo, chicken, elk, monkey, squirrel, etc... Getting the idea?There are small amounts in spinach, blueberries, mango and other fruits and veggies, which i...s great, but too small of an amount to give you what you need. You can also find them in nuts, especially walnuts, and from flax and chia seeds. The problem with ONLY getting them from nuts and seeds (flax oil) is that this form is ALA which must be converted in to the form your body uses, mainly DHA & EPA. Your brain and nervous system uses mainly the DHA form, but only converts ALA to DHA at a rate of about 5%. That's not real efficient. 


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