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To Your Health Newsletter

May, 2018 (Vol. 12, Issue 10)
Waking Up to the Right Way
to Treat Your Lower Back Pain

A collection of papers that highlights the global impact of low back pain, the ineffectiveness of current medical treatments, and the value of spinal manipulation and other nondrug options before turning to medication is receiving substantial media attention, including a "Good Morning America" Health Alert titled "New Research on Lower Back Pain: Are Millions of People Getting Ineffective Treatment?"

Treadmills Need Not Apply

How to Stay in Shape Outside the Gym

Heart Health 101

Over-the-Counter Heart Dangers You Should Know

Growing Up Right

Let Your Kids Play (as Many Sports as They Want)

The Power of Herbal Medicine:

Herbal Formulas to Relieve Menstrual Pain

Counting Calories Just Got a Whole Lot Easier

The FDA is making calorie counting easier with its recent mandate that all restaurants, fast-food chains and ready-to-eat providers with 20 or more locations, as well as movie theaters, supermarkets and even vending machines, make the calories in their ready-to-eat menu items transparent.

Natural Pain Relievers

As many people are not aware of the downside of common pain-relieving medications (Aleve, Advil and other "NSAIDs") and abuse is so common, it is important to be informed of the multiple risks and dangers, as well as the multiple natural alternatives that are available, particularly as nutritional supplements.

Back Falls & Pain:
Get Back on Your Feet

All falls cause some amount of damage to the body, leading to inefficient movement and compensations; even that fall on the playground back when you were a kid. Everything is connected and everything matters. Be proactive and ensure you have the maximum chance of full recovery.

Obese Mom Ups Early Puberty Risk

Girls whose mothers were obese during pregnancy are more likely to experience early puberty - and suffer the health conseqeuences.

Elderly Fitness: Good for the Brain

Getting old and can seem to "find the words" more and more? Your aerobic fitness may be a key determinant of your brain health with age.

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