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I had a nutrition patient several yeas ago who was 18 months old & for HALF of his life, he had a rattling chest cough, runny nose, red eyes, rash all over his body & severe difficulty breathing at night/sleeping. His mom brought him in after being told by 2 pediatric allergists that they couldn't help him & that he needed growth stunting steroids & adult allergy meds by the pediatrician. We did a simple exam & history. We decided to remove the grains & dairy from his diet, & give him a simple whole-food supplement to cleanse the body's filters & begin a clean, organic diet. The runny nose & eye redness stopped in 3 days & the rash & cough stopped completely by day 7. He began to breathe easily, sleep peacefully through the night, acted normal & happy for the first time in months and showed interest in playing with his brothers once again. How simple, & yet how alien to the MD's he saw. There are good ones though. If you haven't already, check out Amy Myers MD on Facebook. She's great!


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