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August, 2021 (Vol. 15, Issue 16)
Growing Bodies: Chiropractic Care Is Essential for Children

Do you know that children's musculoskeletal systems are different than adults? Here's why that simple fact is so important - and why it makes chiropractic care so important as well.

Pain No More

The Missing Pieces of the Chronic Pain Puzzle

Flexibility Is Important

Why You Should Make Time to Stretch

Don't Take This Mineral for Granted

Why Your Body Needs Iron

Rev It Up

Maximize Your Metabolism With a Healthy Thyroid

The Power of Fermented Foods

We're learning more every day about the profound influence the GI microbiome may exert over our health; which brings us to the importance of including fermented foods in our diet.

Remember More: Take Breaks!

Our ability to remember has a profound effect on our everyday lives, but all too often, information seems to go in one ear and out the other. What can we do to remember more? Take breaks during the learning process.

Aerobic Exercise Can Help Your Child Build a Better Vocabulary

Interestingly, vocabulary growth during childhood may be linked to an activity that has nothing to do with memorizing words and definitions, reading books or similar pursuits.

Is One Omega-3 Better Than Another for Your Heart Health?

Omega-3s improve cardiovascular outcomes, pure and simple; that means they reduce your cardiovascular risk – your risk of having a heart issue.

Stress Less to Help Keep Your Blood Sugar Levels in Line

Can stress elevate your blood sugar? The answer is yes, which is particularly concerning if you're a type 2 diabetic with blood sugar issues to begin with.

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